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Our name “Digital Beats” reflects our heavy use of technology and digital media. Our audio library is stored on computer hard drives, and our entire CD collection has been ripped into MP3 format. We subscribe to several on-line music services to constantly update our music library. Right now, we have approximately 75,000 song’s available at any of our gigs.
We use high-end laptop computers equipped with software and external sound mixers combined with our powered speaker systems. This configuration is light-weight and very portable, but delivers awesome sound quality.
Our song library contains music from the 1940’s until present. If we don’t have the song your looking for ... we’ll use our on-line resources to help locate that “Hard to Find” favorite that you request. Whatever the event, or the type of audience - we can easily accommodate everybody's taste’s in music.
We’ve got an extensive music library and it’s growing all the time.
Everything from ABBA to ZZ Top and everything in between